1. You will never regret taking a photo, but you’ll regret the memories you didn’t             capture. Also, print out all your photos, write the memory on the back and put it in album so you know you will have them forever.

  1. The people who lash out need the most love. It’s hard to understand why people want to hurt you for no reason. It’s never to do with you, it is always a reflection of themselves. If someone has spread a rumour about me or torn me down in front of my face, I know that they themselves are hurting with something in their life. You don’t need to pity them, because you will probably never understand what they are going through, simply don’t take what they say to heart. Perhaps you can even help them, maybe ask, ‘are you okay?’ It would break down most people’s walls to know you aren’t there to hurt them back.
  1. Spending time with nature is free therapy.
  1. It’s important to take care of yourself. I spent so many years thinking that it was normal to feel sluggish in the arvo, take naps, and have ‘mind fog.’ These things are the result of poor diet. Fruit and vegetables will do wonders.
  1. You will find someone who laughs at your jokes. In my early teens, I liked boys who didn’t understand me. They left me feeling constantly guilty and confused, and like I needed to change to be accepted. Trust me when I say that you will find someone who believes you don’t need to change anything about yourself.
  1. The law of attraction is real. I looked back on my instagram the other day and saw that in 2015 I had posted a photo of Greece with the caption, ‘WANT!’ And then I visited Greece in 2016!  Now that may seem very privileged and might not be a great example haha, you can’t just post an instagram of something saying, I want this, and magically expect it. Not at all, but throwing out into the universe what you want from life can be the motivation you need to chase your dreams. If you’re not shy about what you want from life, the law of attraction will work in your favour.
  1. Anger is a useless emotion. Anger is the worst emotion in the world because it is completely useless. Sadness can be great for the soul, as sunshine all the time creates a desert. Crying can be therapeutic also because you are left tired, relaxed and sniffly. Anger however is a fire in the pit of your stomach. It can turn anyone into a snappy, miserable person to be around. Anger is also something you regret afterwards, after you’ve maybe said something hurtful too late. I’ve learnt that channeling peace instead of anger will help you in so many ways. If the next day your blood is still boiling over something, then it will require action of some sort. Calmly write down reasons for your anger, and give it to the person making you upset in the way of a letter. The louder you are, the less you are heard.
  1. Take life less seriously. Life is all about happiness. That is literally what it’s all about. Everything you do in your life is so you can be happy and joyful, don’t over complicate it.
  1. No one really knows what they are doing. People just pretend they do.
  1. Fight for the right relationships. When I was younger I did not get along at all with my Mum, we had huge disagreements and I resented her for certain things. I also fought sometimes with my Dad when I saw him. If they weren’t my parents I might have said, I don’t want to have a relationship with you anymore. There is a reason why so many families fall out and marriages break up, because people don’t work hard enough at relationships. People are only human, and the people closest to you WILL hurt you at some point, because no one is perfect. Now I have an amazing relationship with my parents because I’ve learnt that they tried their best, that people can hurt you and still love you very much. But make sure you know the difference between genuine mistakes and people who don’t deserve forgiveness.
  1. Forgiveness is really important. If you habour negative feelings about someone or what they have done to you in the past, you need to forgive them to find your own peace. Forgiving someone within yourself does not mean you have accepted what they have done, or that what they did was ok, it simply means you have chosen not to let it define or hurt you anymore.
  1. Wear fake tan instead of roasting yourself in the sun. Your skin will thank you later!
  1. Success isn’t measured in numbers. Numbers of how much you earn, how many cars you have, how many years you spent at uni, how many instagram followers you have etc. Don’t let anyone tell you it is. Success is knowledge, success is people knowing you for your kindness, success is beating the odds, success is overcoming hurdles.
  1. Cut ties with friends you don’t need. If you’re within good reason to break a friendship, such as they do not support you at all, they bring you down, they make you feel bad about yourself etc then you do not owe them an apology. Let the friendship run it’s course, and if they ask why then explain that they don’t make you feel happy, alive, inspired, supported etc anymore. I’ve learnt that this is so important to self growth. Girls don’t realise just how much their “friends” can hinder them.
  1. Every person who comes into your life can teach you something, so be appreciative of even the negative ones. They will teach you patience and forgiveness.
  1. Never regret anything, at some point it was exactly what you wanted.
  1. If you’re unhappy, then make sure you are doing what you love. Sometimes I’ve gone through sad patches and then I’ve realised that it’s because I haven’t put any effort into doing what I loved recently. Make time to walk on the beach before or after work if you are in love with the ocean, paint a picture etc, do what you love.
  1. Look up voucher codes. Most things you can buy online you can get a discount for somewhere, you just have to find it haha.
  1. There will be people who will try to bring you down in life. The supportive people are happy within theirselves.
  1. Accept happiness in all things, because most days of your life you will just go to work, eat lunch, come home, watch TV, make a tea, read a book, have sex then fall asleep. You can find happiness in all those things, you don’t need to wait for a holiday, a job change or a raise to be happy.
  1. The only thing you can really have control of in life is your own mind. So take care of your mind, treat others kindly (and yourself just as kindly), don’t be harsh on your mistakes, realize negative thoughts, and find happiness in the small things.
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