Getting shit done

It’s nearly the end of my uni semester and I currently have 4 assignments due within the next week which I’ve been pushing off at every opportunity. I could always do that essay tomorrow when I have more time, I think (then I re watch the whole season of Stranger Things.)

Perhaps me writing this blog post is another procrastination, but since l have managed to get myself out of these funks through my years of study, I believe I have some insight into how to give yourself a kick up the ass and get shit done.

  1. Write a to do list of what you want to accomplish

It sounds fairly simple but the amount of times I haven’t done this I just feel lost in what I’m trying to do that day. Small goals are best because you don’t feel overwhelmed by them and fail to even start doing them. Something like, write 200 words of this essay by lunch time then have a break, is a lot better than, write the essay today. This works really well for the bigger goals you have in life too. Breaking it down into hourly goals makes things seem far more accomplishable!


  1. Don’t be harsh on what you’re writing or doing

Simply starting your task is so much more important than what you’re actually writing, because you can always cut and edit later. Seeing a full page of writing on your word document will give you the motivation you need to keep writing. Don’t get stuck on negative thoughts about whether what you’re writing is good or not, because you will just end up getting frustrated and annoyed.


  1. Put your phone on flight mode

My phone is a number one distraction for me. Without even thinking about it, I can be writing an essay and then suddenly be on Instagram. Whoops.


  1. Know what makes you work better.

Do you work better with many short breaks or two long breaks for example. Do you get motivated sitting at a cluttered work desk, or feel more awake and ready if you have a clean organized area?


My last tip is to just get started! Don’t overthink what you need to do, just start the essay or whatever needs doing. Once your fingers get moving you will find that more inspiration and motivation will come to you.

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