Training your mind to happiness

The mind is SUCH a powerful thing. Feed it negative thoughts, and they will spread like wild fire through every nerve of your being, turning you into a nervous wreck. Or train your mind to think lightly, realise overthinking and stop it at it’s source, then you can be in charge of your happiness & peacefulness.

Thinking negatively when there’s not much to worry about at all in fact, is so damaging you might not even realise. I’ve spent months and months worrying about the most MINOR things you could imagine, yet they hindered me beyond belief. I call it my inner demon which sounds scary haha but it’s true, it’s something that sucks the life from you and wants you to live in a negative state. I still have some left over anxiety and OCD from my childhood trichotillomania when I was very OCD as a young child, yet I use this to justify my thoughts. ‘Oh I must just be feeling a little anxious today.’ I think to myself If I’ve worried non stop about something so stupid. Yet I sometimes use my anxiety as an excuse to myself, and I’ll give you an example why. (Note: I’m only talking about my anxiety, I can’t speak for others).

A few nights ago I had the most amazing dream… It encaptured all that I really want from life and I was filled with such joy in my dream. I woke up in the best mood EVER. I was so motivated to do things the day after because my day had, without my conscious thinking, started off in the best way possible. Now, think of a time when you’ve had a terrible dream. You wake up sad, confused and wanting to crawl under your covers right? So you think that by having dreams, which are beyond your control, they are going to determine how you feel that day. Wrong! NOTHING CAN DETERMINE HOW YOU FEEL EXCEPT YOURSELF, YOUR OWN MIND.


  1. Mindfulness. I want to write a whole blog post on mindfulness because I think it’s that important. When you’re caught up in negative thoughts, you aren’t thinking of the moment you are presently in. Dragging yourself from your thoughts and putting yourself into the present can be what you need to release yourself from your inner demon. This has been so important for me because it helps a lot. Even something as simple as reading/tidying/organising can place you back in the now, (if you practice mindfulness whilst doing these things). I can talk about my main methods for mindfulness in another blog post.


  1. A problem shared is a problem halved. This one is crucial to training your mind to think happiness, because if a problem or negative thought goes around and arrrouuundd your brain without any interception from others, it will ten fold. Think of it like a deadly weed. Without meaning to, the more you think about something negative in your mind the more water you give the weed. If you share your thoughts with another, the water drains partly away and the weed will starve because you’ve given it less power. Now I know it’s scary to tell others your deepest fears, but the moment you release them without judgement, the water will drain away and the weed will start dying. This will give you the power to rip those stupid thoughts from its roots and throw them away, hehe.


  1. Realise negative thoughts. This is tough for me, but I’m learning it more and more every day. Sometimes you don’t even REALISE you’re thinking negatively, which is crazy and scary. Sometimes you get so far down the deep pit of negative thinking that you suddenly squeal and think, oh shit how did I get HERE?!!! If you realise the very first hint of a negative thought, brush it away. It’s much easier to turn it off if it starts with a small thought than when it’s overwhelmed you and you’re freaking out with a near panic attack.


  1. Do small things to clear your mind. Closing all the tabs on your browser, painting a picture, walking outside, kissing, baking, going on a bike ride, making a to do list for today etc.


  1. Think positive affirmations. ‘I am more than the sum of my past mistakes.’ Over and over again if you may be thinking negatively of the past. ‘Today I’m choosing to be happy.’ Say that twenty times, even out loud, and you’ll believe it.


  1. Jenna
    May 1, 2017 / 10:27 am

    I love your blog so much!!! Keep writing and doing what you love because you’re super good at it!!! I’ve read like all your blogs in the past hour or two and know am feeling super inspired!

    • Jenna
      May 1, 2017 / 10:28 am

      Oops now**

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