My travel tips in short for Santorini:

🌙Oia is where the magic happens, stay there

🌙Stay at an airbnb. Ours was amazing for the price-

🌙Fly to Santorini from Athens if it’s in your budget instead of taking the ferry

🌙There isn’t a lot to do here, it’s purely for relaxing & shopping. I would recommend a stay of 3-4 days max and then traveling to different islands

🌙Stay somewhere that has a pool if you have the money, because there’s no beach life and it would be nice to have one to escape the heat easily

🌙Don’t go if you are unfit or unable to walk stairs because there’s a fuckload of them and you cant escape them!

🌙Make sure you have a decent camera, you will be using it every minute

If you’re worried it won’t live up to the hype because it’s quite talked up- IT EXCEEDS EVERYTHING! So GO!


Read on if you want to hear about my experiences more in depth and see all of my snaps!


I guess I’ll start at the beginning, since I intend for these blog posts to be for the aspiring traveler who I hope will gain something from my experience and put it towards their own travels! 🌎
So before we reached the beautiful island of Santorini, we had to get there from Athens. We had no time to explore Athens because we only had two full days in Santorini, but I would recommend doing Athens first for a day or two. When I researched the methods to get between the islands, there was only two options; plane or ferry. The plane tickets were three times the price of the ferry and we were trying to budget as much as possible. Matt and I decided together that the five hour ferry ride would be fine (compared to a 45 min flight) In short, it was not fine. It took nine hours and we were delirious with lack of sleep from traveling. It was one in the morning by the time we arrived but we were too excited to have landed in the port to care (we made a mental note that next time we would definitely be flying) ✈️
Our airbnb was right in the centre of everything yet all the time it was peaceful and quiet and tourists didnt walk down our lane. I’ve linked it above for those who want to stay somewhere small but cheap.
Santorini has many different parts but Oia is the most common and touristy due to the famous white buildings and hotels/airbnbs. There’s no bad spots on Oia, you can explore the whole town and be amazed at the sights everywhere. All of the restaurants are top class and aren’t too expensive, so eating out was breezy. The views are stunning no matter where you go.

The sunsets in Oia are the best in the world. Everyone squeezes into every crack on the edge of Oia hours before sunset even starts and because of the many tourists that pile into one place to watch it you have to secure a place early. Matt and I climbed onto a rock type formation and we think we had one of the best views with no one in front of us (the 1st photo was in front of our airbnb for one sunset where no one was). Even though the sunsets are packed with people, its WELL worth seeing 🔮💕


THE STAIRS! They exhausted me every day. My legs shook when we descended down to the ocean/port, which takes 250 steps. Even Matt’s legs shook on the way down and he’s a football player so that is saying something…😱 I almost died but it’s so worth it once you get to the bottom, the water is so stunning. Note the donkeys walking down!


This seafood restaurant at the bottom of the port had such an amazing view (and fab food)
There’s no ‘proper’ beaches but I enjoyed the ocean SO much because it was actually cold. In Thailand, Bali, Dubai etc the water is always warm. Thankfully it was like the water back home in New Zealand and it cools you down immensely. There was a cliff where you could dive off but we didn’t get around to jumping off. The water is beautiful and totally clear but it has drop offs into the deep ocean. There were free divers exploring the depths which was fun to watch.

There are some amazing stores hidden away throughout Oia, such as this bookstore. I only took two photos which I regret because it was so cute. I love this line, ‘books are no more threatened by kindle than stairs by elevators.‘


My favourite thing to do in Santorini was to walk the streets and soak up all of the beauty…


Overall, there isn’t much to do in Santorini but it was one of the best holidays I’ve been on just because of how beautiful Greece is! It has so much culture and history, so next time I would definitely spend time in Athens to soak up that aspect of the country. I can’t wait to go again, it should be on everyone’s bucket list!! 🐰🍄🐚🌟

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