I’ve been living out of home for three years now, so you would think I would be good at adulting by now (Matt’s better at adulting than I am, see number 6). I’m definitely not killing it in some areas, but if you can tick all these off YOU ARE KILLIN IT GIRL.

  1. You remember to pay your bills on time and don’t get late fees

  2. You haven’t lost an iPhone in over 2 years

  3. You remember to buy more toilet paper before you run out

  4. You go to your local Sunday market to buy your veg

  5. You have furniture from other places than Kmart and Target

  6. You know how long to boil eggs for off by heart and don’t have to FUCKIN GOOGLE IT EVERYTIME JAIMEE I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

  7. You have a first aid kit

  8. You have a workout routine

  9. You can bargain with other adults

  10. You have money saved (bonus points for fancy investments)

  11. You drink green tea every night

  12. You have lots of Pinterest boards and pin shit like home organisation, wedding inspiration and grey colour schemed baby rooms

  13. You enjoy your job

  14. You know when your rego is up

  15. Your Mum doesn’t need to ring you up to remind you to do things

  16. Doing activities alone has become super natural

  17. You don’t take shit from anyone

  18. You watch the news

  19. You lay out what you’ll need when you get home from a night out (makeup wipes, glass of water with a berroca beside it, fuzzy socks for sore feet)

  20. You actually understand politics now

Posted by:The Wild Ones

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