Need some ideas for your next getaway? Here is my bucket list, for your perusal!


I am SO excited to visit Canada one day. The aqua lakes, never ending forests, and proud standing mountains are what draws me to this beautiful country. I would adore to go hiking for weeks on end in numerous places of Canada such as Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park.



There looks to be some breathtakingly exquisite architecture, scenery and people in India along with amazing culture. I can’t wait to explore it in the future.



There’s just something so alluring and untouchable about Africa. This island in East Africa is the best of both worlds; culture, paradise and exotic beauty.



Everywhere in Europe

I’ve been to France, Italy, Greece and England, and I would love to visit all those places again plus everywhere else!



At the tippy top of Africa, Morocco looks to be an outstanding place of culture, adventure, architecture, rugs, and lamps!


Oregon/Tennessee/Texas/All the other kickass US states 

Elvis Presley’s home? Yes please. Horse ranches? Yayyyyy. Visiting the Johnny Cash museum? Get me there.


What’s on your bucket list? xx


Posted by:The Wild Ones

4 replies on “My Travel Bucket List 

  1. Oh my gosh, so many!
    Morocco colours and markets and amazing food
    Peru, the history of the Incas, the Amazon
    China the Great Wall and the culture
    Japan stunning landscapes
    Croatia sailing in that stunning coast line

    The list goes on!!


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