The clock could distinctly be heard from where I was sitting. Each second represented a different thought swirling in my mind. To distract myself I glanced around, but the photos that took up most of the wall space seemed bleak and mundane. I was waiting for my boyfriends cast to be fitted as he had sustained a bad injury a few days earlier in a soccer game, and I was thinking of how stressful of a week it had been. The same thought occupied my mind, what had he done to deserve this? He has a positive attitude everyday, is the kindest person, works his ass off, and he received this injury. The doctors had actually told him he had done his ACL but the scans came back that it was other ligaments and didn’t require surgery. That was a relief, but we were still feeling despondent and glum.

So whilst I was sitting in that waiting room, a mum and daughter came in. The girl was disabled, and had extreme trouble walking in, her feet turned inwards and dragged across the floor. I hopped across onto another seat so they could sit together, then the mum said with a smile, ‘oh don’t worry, she’s going to play with the toys, she knows the drill.’ I smiled back yet my whole stomach has sunk. Here I was thinking that we had gone through something emotional, when people have to fight a battle every single day just to live a normal life. Matt’s injury was instantly put into perspective for me. I thanked my stars that he hadn’t done an injury where his future would be a struggle.

That night Matt and I talked about the law of attraction, which says that you bring every negative thing into your life, which basically means you deserve every bad thing that happens to you because you brought it on through negative thinking.

I wondered out loud, ‘what about children with cancer, or disabilities? How can someone possibly bring something that terrible onto themselves, when children are the epitome of innocence and carelessness?’

How does the law of attraction work when some people can ease their shower to the perfect temperature whilst others don’t have clean water to drink?

Going through this tough week has made me realise how lucky I have it.

Can we see the beautiful world around us every day?

Can we feel love and warmth and happiness?

Can we easily walk, either with freedom or without injury? 

Can we talk freely, without being scared of what may happen to you if you speak the truth?

Can we feel a tender touch, the sun and breeze on our skin?

Can we eat every day?

It was a difficult week and there’s a lot of hard work ahead for my boyfriend with rehab; but everyone around me is healthy and happy, and I am SO thankful for it.

Posted by:The Wild Ones

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