I’ve only been to Bali twice but here are my top picks in Seminyak for beautiful eateries, nourishing food, and great service; all whilst being easy on the wallet. Bali is the ultimate place to detox because all cafes have an array of juices, fruit and veggies to make your mind and body happy and healthy. It’s much cheaper to eat healthy here than it is in NZ, so you may as well take full advantage of it (even though I was dying for a Subway when I came home).

Cafe Organic 

There’s ‘no bad days’ at Cafe Organic. There’s two locations for this wonderful cafe, Seminyak or Canggu. I loved both but the Canggu one was a little out of the way and only accepted cash so it was bit of a hassle! The menu is delightful with many vegetarian and vegan options. The decor is fresh and clean, and the vibes are always laid back. I had smashed avo with a side of fruit every time!

Shelter/Nalu bowls 

The best place for healthy but delicious food. The decor is natural and botanic whilst being in the shade, so it’s an oasis away from the heat and bustle. Nalu bowls is situated downstairs from Shelter but you can order it from upstairs. Matt had an acai bowl from Nalu Bowls, they looked super yum but they aren’t really my thing. The fruit platter is a must!


Sisterfields is owned by expats from Australia, so the prices are a little higher (still cheap compared to Aus or NZ) and the menu is mainly western food. There are vege options but the menu is heavy on meat. The juices and cocktails are fantastic. The food comes out fast even though it is always very busy!

Sea circus 

Mexican, Asian and Western food all in one amazing restaurant! They have a wonderful array of nourishing brekkie options as well as a delicious dinner. If you’re vegetarian the pulled jackfruit tacos for dinner are a must- it tastes and looks just like meat!

Earth Cafe

This place is awesome. Earth Cafe is a vegan cafe that also includes a shop where you can buy anything from organic veggies, to supplements, to natural makeup and soap etc.

J xx




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