I’m not perfect.

Featured photo of me by Cassandra Ladru in 2014.

My first post* on The Wild Ones was a blog post on coping with loneliness and I wrote it when I was feeling very lonely… ironic, yes? My partner was away with work, my friends were either busy or lived far away, my Dad was an 8 hour car trip away and my Mum an 8 hour plane trip. I was sad, but I had also learnt skills through my lonely periods that made me happy and seek the light, things that had made a difference to me. So then I posted about my tips for loneliness.

Here’s the blog post: https://thewildonesblog.com/2016/12/23/learning-how-to-cope-with-loneliness-loving-your-own-company/

It’s a little rough as it was my first attempt at a blog post and I didn’t really touch on why I feel lonely sometimes. I kept the post broad so that more people could relate to it, but what I was trying to convey in the post was that everyone feels lonely, and I’m here for you.

My next post I’m writing is going to be on wellbeing and self development, but I realised I would first like to touch on self development in its essence and my personal take on it.

Self development and wellbeing is something I’ve only discovered in the last year or so. I previously believed that I was born who I was, that my faults would always be my faults, and that my personality or mind couldn’t be mutable. But I was wrong.

Each year I get kinder, more generous, compassionate, hungry for knowledge, and more in tune with what I want from the world, and what I want to give the world. This is because I TRY to do all these things, but that will never mean I have everything figured out, and that’s the main reason why I write my wellbeing posts! Writing my blogs are all part of the learning process for me.

For example;

I still struggle with meditation and have days where I don’t practice mindfulness, and yes, they are wasteful days. https://thewildonesblog.com/2017/03/26/how-i-went-from-sucking-at-meditation-to-being-obsessed-with-it/

I have months where I feel uninspired to create things. https://thewildonesblog.com/2017/04/01/how-to-create-inspiration-for-your-art/

I still hold grudges, and nothing positive comes from them. https://thewildonesblog.com/2017/03/19/the-importance-of-forgiveness/

I have days where I forget how lucky I am to have access to food and water. https://thewildonesblog.com/2017/04/09/thankfulness/

…You get what I mean 😉

I never want my blog posts, social media or ANYTHING to come across like I have things figured out. I’m learning everyday. I’m an earthling just like you and we will screw up. One of my biggest faults is that I can snap and be moody when I feel anxious; I struggle being patient and keeping calm when my mind is racing. Self development isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, sometimes you will get annoyed at yourself because you would love to be a certain way but you’re annoyed with the process. But growing is a wonderful thing. It’s how relationships strengthen and how self love comes to fruition. If I can help others to do that then I will keep writing!


*The date it says I posted this is late December 2016 and not my first blog post because I used a different blog server before WordPress and transferred them onto here without being able to keep original dates. I posted my first blog post at the start of September, 2016 🙂

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