One trick to change your life

When I was five my Dad would drop me off at the bus stop every morning before he went to work. “Be kind and loving today.” He would say as he kissed me goodbye. I had heard it everyday since I was tiny, so I said, “I will!”

He said it so many times to me every morning that I would think about it during the day in my interactions. If I was confronted with a situation I knew wasn’t right, I would choose to be kind. I would come home from school and Dad would ask me, “I bet you were kind and loving today!” And I would confidently say that I was.

Dad wasn’t really giving me a mantra so to speak, but because it was repeated to me it was ingrained into my mind. Many people have others in their lives that give them negative mantras or commands. Do you know who that person most likely is for you?


Scary isn’t it? That even though you want to be happy, you may be the person dragging yourself down. I bet you’ve told yourself before…

Oh don’t bother trying to do that, you won’t be good at it

I’m thinking really negatively today and it’s annoying me

I woke up in a bad mood therefore won’t get much done today

I shouldn’t go for that job role, someone else better than me will get it

Imagine if you told a friend, “oh shut you’re being so bloody negative.”

No, you would instead say, “come on, you’re such a happy and positive person!”

If you would spin something destructive into being positive for a friend, why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself?

Mantras give you such a strong hold on your state of mind, they are impossible to ignore, and they seriously helped changed my life!

Telling yourself mantras every day drill into your mind exactly the mindset you want, and they are impossible to ignore.

My fave mantras are;

“I’m going to achieve a lot today and feel successful.”

“I’m so grateful for everything in my life.”

“I’m a kind person, therefore will practice kindness and patience today.”

I usually choose one and say it over and over to myself throughout the day, and I WILL have a great day when I do this.

Mantras help more than simply telling yourself to do something. Last week I was in the supermarket and I saw a meat product that I used to buy. It looked delicious, and I had a craving to buy it. If I told myself, “you’ve stopped eating meat now and even though it looks really yum, don’t buy it,” it might cut the mustard, but I generally walk away feeling sad I missed out on something I used to enjoy. Instead, I give myself a mantra. “I’m a caring person, and I wish no harm on any animal.” I will say that over and over in my head and I walk away happy with my positive decision. I’ve had slip ups with eating meat and I can guarantee I did not use that mantra when this happened.

Another example is when I’m procrastinating. Instead of telling myself, “hurry up and stop watching that video so that you can start some work,” I’ll tell myself, “I can’t wait to achieve a lot today.” The first one makes me feel even more annoyed that I’m procrastinating in doing something, but the second gets me motivated.

What are the mantras you love?


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