OMG, what is she wearing?!

This blog post has stemmed from my frustration at the comments I have seen online regarding the fashion of Splendour in the Grass this year. Here are some of the groovy outfits and fashion seen at this years festival. These girls all look so happy in what they have chosen to wear/show for a photo.


Comments like these were said about these girls.



Thank god there were the supportive women also, like these gems:


These girls are at a music festival, and they are feeling beautiful, free and joyful. These outfits represent their soul and style; is that really something to tear down?

I remember a couple of times in the past where I have been made to feel uncomfortable by women about my outfit. One time was when I was in Dubai. This is what I was wearing in the desert.


A girl commented, “wow those shorts are short,” when I walked past. I wasn’t met with any reaction when I looked at her in the eye.

The other time was when I was celebrating my 21st birthday with my friends in town.


A gaggle of girls started pointing to my skirt when I was in a nightclub and giggling amongst themselves, and when I walked past them I asked if they were alright, they of course had nothing to say to my face.

It is never ok to make a girl feel disheartened by how she is expressing herself. It is HER body, her clothes, it has nothing to do with you.

We’ve been handed the short straw in society for thousands of years, so why not support our fellow women? 9 times out of 10, if a comment is said about a girls outfit, it will be by another girl. Men don’t seem to care as much about something so trivial; you don’t see them giggling at other men and ostracising them for their outfit.

Please think twice about commenting on what a woman is wearing behind her back, you never know what kind of damage your words can have. Some will brush it off, some may think about it for hours, and some might never want to wear their style of clothes again. Your voice is a powerful thing, be kind.


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