Decorating a small bedroom

When Matt and I chose the smaller bedroom in our home, we knew we would have to aptly decorate it to use up the space we had. I love small bedrooms. They’re super cozy and cute, but since there’s not a lot of room you don’t tend to use it for other activities such as studying or lounging around, which is a positive thing. Here’s a few snaps of our room and some tips to maximise your space!

Bright colours

You don’t want any dark colours to deepen the mood and reduce the size of the room. Our bedspread is very bright, it makes me so happy every-time I jump into bed. If your bedroom walls are white, having a bright bedspread can centre the room and keep the attention on the middle. A white or plain bedspread looks nice also, but can disappear into the background.

A large mirror

Putting a large mirror at the end of your bed sounds quite kinky… but it’s awesome for opening up the space.


Plants on the windowsill

Plants are a must have in any room, and I don’t have enough in our home! Use up windowsill space by putting a few plants in to brighten up your space.



Invisible bookshelves

These are game changers. Piles of books on a bed-side table doesn’t look attractive, and since in a small room you don’t have the space for a book shelf, you may as well use up that wall space! Also, a note about our headboard. Our room is very tall, but if your room has a normal sized ceiling then I would suggest a short headboard so it doesn’t overwhelm the small space.



Choose the details in your room wisely. I don’t like clutter, but I do adore a few cute decorations and details. Having clutter in a small room can earn you a spot on Hoarders.

Wall space

Have one or two spaces dedicated to a painting, photo frame or print.



Behind the door 

Don’t forget this smart lil space! Coats or bags could go here also, but we have our spare room for that.


Hope you picked up some tips from this post!


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  1. May 4, 2018 / 10:35 pm

    Yeah, you are right. The best part of the mirrors is it turns a small room into a big one by adding more space. Well written blog. Thanks for sharing.

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