Reflecting on your successes

“You’re extraordinary before anyone knows what you’ve accomplished.”

I’m the type of person who always has some sort of intense long term goals planned out for myself, but I also have short term daily goals too. For example I write 1,000 words of a novel a day. If I slip behind on this I can be annoyed at myself, but if I achieve it I sometimes simply tick it off then move onto the next thing. I think many people make this mistake also, that they don’t take enough time to praise their efforts fully before moving on to the next accomplishment.

For example, many people wait until the end of their degree to celebrate all of their hours and effort put in, but why wait to celebrate! The smaller successes such as completing a tough paper are just as important, as they are what collectively gets you to your end point. It’s normal to be your own harshest critic because you want the best for yourself, but this can turn into not giving yourself a chance to praise your efforts.

Listen to others around you 

If people are telling you that they are proud of you and what you are doing, listen to them, because they are right! You’re awesome and deserve recognition, don’t sweep your little successes under the rug.

Reach for satisfaction within yourself

As the quote says at the start, it’s important to reach for satisfaction within yourself before people can see what you’ve accomplished. A lot of goals can’t be validated or understood to others, so don’t rely on your loved ones to boost you up, you can do that all on your own girl!

Don’t move on so quickly!

We all have deadlines in life, but stop rushing through! You will get exhausted if you’re constantly thinking about your next goal instead of taking time to celebrate your last, so taking time to reflect on how far you’ve come is very important for your sanity.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come 

I love to write down my growth and changes, or else you can skip through an entire year and not realise how much you’ve done!

So if no one else has told you recently- you’re awesome, and you’re doing the best you can. Take care of yourself and don’t rush through life and your goals. 


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