Welcome beautiful soul

The Wild Ones blog could be looked at as my lifestyle, my perception on the world, my dreams and my creative outlet, where I also divulge personal thoughts to help other likeminded women. I have a passion on writing about wellbeing, but these posts come from a place of experience, not expertise.

I write blog posts when I feel it’s necessary to put something out into the world, I never want a schedule to comprise authenticity and inspiration.


My favourite movies are Walk the Line, Wild, and The Age of Adeline. Watch these and you’ll understand my soul.

I’m a dreamer. My boyfriend Matt keeps me sane and down to earth (he’s a level headed pisces). He says that if he let me do anything that we would have a piano in our townhouse, the walls would be hand painted with sunflowers, and we would have an adopted child from India as well as three rescue dogs and ten foster kittens. Matt is also my biggest cheerleader to my more realistic dreams however, so I got pretty lucky on the love-side-of-life.

I’ve never grown out of the “I want a pony” stage. I will own horses in the future when we have our forever home out in the countryside (just saving up for thatโ€ฆ)

A typical Jaimee playlist will include; El Condor Pasa by Simon & Garfunkel, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison, Sangria by Blake Shelton, Take Your Time by Sam Hunt, You Don’t Have to Say You Love me by Elvis Presley, National Anthem by Lana Del Rey, You Make me Smile by Blue October, Pleazer by Tyga, Georgia by Vance Joy, Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter, and All Too Well by Taylor Swift.

Hint: Play any of these songs in my presence and I’ll love you forever.ย 

Thank you for being here, and welcome to The Wild Ones club.

Love Jaimee x

Instagram- @jaimeerachinger


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